May 11, 2021 Wedding

A Glance at Crystal Wedding Jewellery

It is very much essential to be aware about the latest bridal jewellery trends if you are going to be a bride any time soon. Many girls love watching bridal jewellery, wedding gowns, decoration and anything related to wedding as it is a grand affair. For bridal jewellery, crystal is one thing which never goes out of fashion. Crystal jewelleries look feminine, elegant and just appropriate and it goes with every kind of wedding gowns. So, in this blog enjoy looking at these amazing and princess crystal bridal accessories. Happy Reading!

  1. Crystal Earrings for a Classy Look: Being a bride is no easy job and we understand this. Hence, it is extremely important at the end to see the beyond perfect & dream wedding look. A pair of classic crystal earrings will do their job perfectly in this case. There is no chance that this bridal piece will go wrong. They go well with every kind of wedding dress.
  2. Crystal Pearl Set for a Sophisticated Look: For a very feminine and sophisticated look, always choose a crystal pearl necklace. There are multiple choices available in the market. This gentle crystal pearl set with a delicate pendant and earrings is perfect for your big day. No matter which type of dress you have chosen but this necklace will always look subtle.
  3. Elegant Ring for the Wedding Day: Feel free to add a crystal and modern wedding moissanite  ring to your look because it is just extremely classy. Crystal jewellery pieces will look classy and appropriate. So, flaunt and show off in your friend’s group with the beautiful ring on your hand.
  4. Crystal Statement Bracelet for a Modern Wedding Look: Apart from your beautiful earrings necklace and trending rings like titanium , bracelets always add a sparkling element to your overall bridal look. And even if you do not want to do much experiment, that’s fine as this crystal bracelet is enough to accessorize the entire look.
  5. Body Jewellery of an Unforgettable Look: If you want the centre of attraction you can accessorize your body with whole body crystal bridal jewellery including shoulder jewellery. This style will look retro as well as classy because nowadays we are not very much used to see this kind of body jewellery at weddings. But if you have a strapless dress as your wedding gown then this is one of the best bridal jewellery for an original style.

Hopefully, this blog has helped you with your crystal bridal jewellery needs and made you much more confident about your choices. And we hope that even if you are not a bride to be, this was an interesting and informative blog for you.

Happy Styling!

Jan 03, 2021 Wedding

Learn the ways of making wedding speeches

There are many ways to make a wedding speech, it is a very important job, whoever is making a wedding speech must have been a very important part of the family. There is a lot of chaos in a wedding so you have to prepare the whole speech before you go to the wedding as that is not going to happen once you enter the wedding area. Weddings are the most beautiful moment in everybody’s lives and you will enjoy it to the fullest in it. It opens totally new doors to your life and is a great turning in everyone’s life. To make the speech you have to work on your grammar first and if you are already good at it then you can easily start. It is not a tough job, but you have to praise the bride and the broom. Whichever side you are from you can start from there life and the time you spent together, you can even tease them a little but see that you do not offend anybody out there, it is a very interesting job, once you finish talking about one then you can then talk about the other or you can also talk about both of them at the same time.

Special Wedding Quotes

You have to search for Wedding speech examples, wherever you go for a wedding you have to praise the place too, as the place is decided with a lot of love by the bride and the broom itself. When you start the speech, wish everyone present at the moment, you can also crack jokes which are not offending anybody then everyone will surely like your speech, you can add funny incidents you all had with the bride or the broom. Life suddenly changes once you get married and that change is really beautiful, it creates a lot of happiness in both of theirs lives. Life is really amazing once you get married. Weddings are something you do with the person you love, the person you want to spend your whole life with and that is the best feeling anybody would get.

The best way of doing the speech 

The best way of doing the speech is to see all the Wedding speech examples beforehand and learn all the important ways as we do not want you to get embarrassed in front of everybody.

Oct 18, 2019 Wedding

Hire Wedding Photographer To Capture Your Lovable Moments

A Wedding day is the most memorable day that brings happiness and joy. It is a grand ceremony that includes a lot of traditions and special events, so it is always important to preserve everything with the right photographer. If you are going to start a new journey, then you must consider hiring Hills District Wedding Photographer, it is the right way to store your happiest moments.  Wedding and other ceremonies should be captured perfectly; the wedding includes a lot of beautiful moments that also made immortal by a photographer and his advanced camera. In general, the experts can understand the importance of your wedding day because there are a lot of sentiments, traditions, etc. So the professionals use high-quality devices and techniques to cover everything. With this, they also add a great touch to your special day. Choosing the right photographer is essential for starting the lovable part of your incredible journey.

Experienced Wedding Photographer:

Capturing weddings is now simple with the help of Hills District Wedding Photographer. The experts have excellent knowledge and experience in this field, so they know how to capture your happiest moments by using unique technology. The experienced team of enthusiastic videographers, designers, and creative photographers helps you to store your precious memories for a long time. Everything captured with high-quality cameras and techniques. The experts truly capture your happiness and feeling by using a high-quality lens. The photographer stays focus on your wedding ceremony, not only the bride and groom but also capture everything, including hugs, laughter, tears, and memorable special moments.

Why Professional Photography?

Hills District Wedding Photographer becomes famous for its innovation, and the experts achieve great photography results, the whole thing derived with a lot of passion as well as love. If you hire this service, you no need to worry about any factor, therefore choose this professional photography service to capture each and every aspect of your wedding day, before going to hire the experts you must take the online reviews and also get a free consultation to make the right decision. The experienced professionals take photos in an inspiring way; this also makes your ceremony special. Even the professionals offer different packages that are highly affordable so you can save much amount of money by choosing the professional photography services. The professionals also stay updated as well as use rapidly changing technology, everything covered with state-of-art equipment that offers high-quality images.

Oct 18, 2019 Wedding

The five main criteria in choosing a good-quality events venue

It is given that a great venue or function hall makes the affair or event successful that is why it is very crucial for someone to find a venue that can cater to them excellently whenever they have an event coming up.

Finding a venue is pretty easy if you come to think of it, but it goes beyond that. There are a lot of important considerations that you have to think of when choosing a venue for your upcoming event, regardless if it is your wedding, a birthday, a party, a concert, or an exhibit.

So what are the criteria for choosing a good venue? Lucky for you in finding this article, because listed down below are some of the best criteria that you can follow whenever you search for a venue for your upcoming event courtesy of the best contemporary wedding venues Melbourne has.

contemporary wedding venues Melbourne

  1. It should have high ceilings and wider area– Of course; an event will surely gather a lot of people, so you need a place where you can accommodate them without comfortably. The first thing you have to look for in a good venue is its space. It should have a ceiling high enough for ventilation and spaced wide enough that can fit everyone comfortably. If you want to hold your event indoors, make sure it has air-conditioning functioning very well, if you want to hold your event outdoors, choose a venue that has a concrete pavement rather than a lawn because you never know the weather.
  2. It should have lights and sounds equipment– Also, events like weddings, parties, and concerts require having a good-quality sound system and a well-lighted venue. Make sure that the venue you are choosing can provide you the best sound system there is and lights that can be used for production numbers. This is crucial knowing that events usually have entertainment or speeches, and forums, and not having a good sound system and lighting could affect the entire event’s overall success through the eyes of the attendees.
  3. It should have ample chairs and tables– If you are planning to hold a reception for a wedding in a venue. You have to ask the management if they have enough tables and chairs that can accommodate the number of guests. Make sure also that their tables and chairs have decent covers and table linens that can complement the reception’s theme. For sure there are a lot of venues out there that are equipped for this kind of affair, but better ask first before you sign the contract.
  4. They should cater some delicious food– It would be difficult for you to contract a food caterer separately because of additional costs, compared to hiring the venue’s official caterer for your event. However, be sure that they will provide you food tasting and a menu that you can choose from for your upcoming event because the majority of attendees and guests in your even are also there for the food that will be served to them.

5.         Should have basic amenities– When it comes to basic amenities, it should have bathrooms, powder rooms for the ladies, a dressing room for particular functions, a fire exit, and a spacious parking area. Be sure to inspect each venue on your list before choosing one. Make sure that their amenities are neat and clean.

Jul 12, 2019 Wedding

Best Wedding Services For Same Sex Marriage

Acceptance is always a trending topic since before. Acceptance to every individual whom you have mingled with. Acceptance to those people who surround you. Acceptance of being as you, as what you are, and what identity or personality you have. It is not denying that there were people dealing with gender confusion. A certain individual born as a male but feels and acts like a female. For them, they are trapped in a male body. So, they live life as a female according to what they feel. Instances like they are get discriminated because of how they live life not according to their gender. So, many people misjudged them such as they don’t belong in society. In fact, this is one of the examples of gender discrimination. Years passed by, this has been addressed and gradually accepted. So, there are some countries around the world accepts same sex relationship. This kind of relationship has been accepted. And later on, marriage equality celebrants are fulfilling their happiness.

We unite as one – exchanging vows 

LGBTI wedding is totally accepted in Melbourne. This makes every gay and lesbian free to express their love to their partner. They are free to propose marriage to the man and woman they love. The best feeling of a gay and lesbian is to exchange vows with their loved ones. They feel complete once they are legally accepted. Also, it makes completer if they are wedded. Gays and lesbians can have LGBTI wedding to book for. Civil wedding celebrants are now ready to exchange vows with their loved ones. Wedding celebrants can start to book to draft their wedding ceremony. For gays and lesbians who are living in places where LGBTI wedding is not accepted, this is a great chance for you to take. You don’t need to worry for many years and dream of when you will get wedded. This is now a great chance for both of you to get wedded and legally called as husband and wife. Same Sex Weddings Venue Melbourne creates a great memory for your big day. It will be the best moment of your life creating good and treasured memories.

A unique LGBTI wedding ceremony 

The fact that it is a wedding day, it is your big day. It is the day to show how much you love your partner. It would be the best day for you as a couple. It is the most awaited day that you have been dreaming of. And here it is now, it is happening. A digitized wedding planner will help you choose the kind of wedding to have. If you wanted to have a unique wedding, you will have it. If you request to have a private wedding, then it is very much available. The kind of wedding ceremony depends on the request of the celebrants. Perfect wedding photographs for the entire wedding will be made. You would definitely have a beautiful wedding album to keep and be proud of for your future family. High-quality videos for the wedding will be a good remembrance to reminisce that big day of yours.

May 26, 2019 Wedding

How to Capture Australian Essence in Bridal Gowns

Every bride wants to feel special on their wedding day. One way to make this come true is to wear a gown that is both unique and elegant. Most brides even incorporate some of their personality and culture to the dresses that they wear. Capturing the epitome of femininity while having a dramatic or subtle edge, most Australian bridal couture designers make gowns unique for every bride while mixing in some essence of their native country. If you are interested in capturing the Australian essence, here are some of the best bridal gowns made by Australian designers:

Grace Loves Lace

This designer is known for being social media famous, after their gowns have been featured numerous times on the photo-sharing site, Pinterest. Their gowns don’t just look good on models in photos but real brides as well. Grace Loves Lace makes gowns that are perfect for cool and boho brides with their newest collection that plays mainly on their free-spirited aesthetic.

These gowns are designed and handmade in Australia with laces and silks imported from the best places in Europe. Grace Loves Lace makes gowns for brides who are stylish and eclectic, who wants to wear something romantic and a little bit sexy on their wedding day.

find out yours

Bo & Luca

Bo & Luca is another boho bride favorite. With their 70s inspired creations, Bo & Luca’s bridal gowns are known for being weightless, floaty, and cool while sporting exquisite embellishments. Their gowns also use opulent textiles and prettiest detailing. Their dresses have the quality of being both modern and classic at the same time.

Hand cut and designed by Shannon Pittman in Australia, and hand beaded in Inda, efforts, skill, time, love, and craftsmanship are made in every piece of gown that they produce.

Made With Love

Although relatively new, this brand is already being adored by brides all over the world. Located in Australia’s Gold Coast, Made With Love is available in a boutique bridal studio and boasts styles that mix the cool and classic. Their primary focus is about details, making a gown look gorgeous the more you look at it. They offer dresses that have beautiful lace textures that have modern backless designs, classic tulle skirts with pretty bodices, and romantic two-piece gowns that have gorgeous embellishments.

This brand offers everything that every style of the bride might look for. The best part is that their gowns also have pockets!

There have been many Australian brands that are making brides from all over the world, swoon with their beauty. Recently, more designers are becoming famous because of focusing on individual styles while still capturing the essence of a woman and the culture of their home country. If you’re still undecided about the styles you want, maybe browsing a few can help you to find out yours.

Feb 27, 2018 Wedding

Beauty TIPS For The Bride-To-Be

When preparing for your wedding day, it should only not include your wedding dress, your makeup, shoes, and your accessories. According to wedding makeup artist Toronto, your face should also be ready even weeks or months before the big day. Remember that you might have already had a makeup style in mind. But it will still be better if you have a healthy, glowing skin on your wedding day.

With all the stress from the planning and preparations, it cannot be avoided that these sleepless nights, the traveling, and the brainstorming with the wedding planner will take a toll on your skin. When you forget to take extra care of your skin, it will look unhealthy and you might develop pimples or uneven skin tone. So here are some simple tips on how to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

wedding makeup artist Toronto

Beauty Sleep Is A Must!   

Sleep is one of the most important factors when you want to maintain a healthy skin. You may not realize it, but night after night of searching and planning for your big day, it will stress out your skin as well. This is the reason why if it is impossible for you to complete a full night’s’ sleep, take as much nap as you can. Once you do this, your beauty regimen will work and your skin will have its glow again.

Drink Lots Of Water.

Keeping your body hydrated will not only keep your body healthy, it is one of the best ways to hydrate your skin. Make sure that you take 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. Maintain the moisture in your body. This will also suppress your appetite naturally which can help you lose a bit of fat.

Do Not Forget To Moisturize.

Aside from getting all the sleep that you need and hydrating body, it will also be very helpful if you moisturize your skin daily. Make sure that you use a very good lotion or cream at least twice daily. Take a look at the products that you use and make it a point that you choose the ones that have Vitamin E and moisturizing benefits.

These are very simple tips that you can do daily. It will be best if you will find time to squeeze it into your very busy schedule. These are very practical that you can continue it even after the wedding. You will not only look your best on your wedding day but every day.

Feb 24, 2018 Wedding


Almost every woman in the world dreams of wearing the best wedding dress out there that should be designed by a couturier that is delicately and passionately made and designed to have that perfect outfit in the most special day of their lives.

Wedding is not an easy affair to organize; there are a lot of aspects that needs intricate attention especially the bride’s wedding dress that needs to stand out from everything including the wedding cake and the groom during the wedding day that is why it needs to be perfect for the bride.

That is why a good and reliable BRIDAL COUTURE or a bridal couturier is needed to do the task in designing and conceptualizing the wedding dress months ahead of the wedding day. It is also essential or even important for the bride to plan out her wedding dress concept and design as well as the materials like the cloth, the materials in order for the couturier to come up with the initial design and cost of the wedding dress.

However, to have that best wedding dress, the bride must do some little research in hiring the best couturier out there since there are a lot of bogus designers out there who only wants to profit out of innocent brides who just want to make the most special day of their lives to look their best.

First the bride must search potential couturiers a year before her big day if it is possible since designer gowns are made to order and it takes around six to nine months in advance to complete one wedding dress since couturiers have to undergo several processes such as designing, conceptualizing with the bride, choosing and buying the clothe and materials needed. It may sound very complicated since wedding gowns are only worn once but a lot of women out there spend much time and money just to look their best in their wedding day.

 custom bridal gowns

Coming up with the budget ahead of the wedding day is also essential in order for the couturier to give the bride an option of choosing the custom bridal gowns that fits the budget. Some gowns are made up of different cloths and materials that are imported from other countries which are expensive not to mention the labor and talent fee of the couturier that is why coming up with a budget will help not just the bride but the couturier as well in designing the gown that suits perfectly with the budget.

If the bride wants to buy readymade wedding gowns, it is important to try fitting different sizes as well as designs to determine the alterations that must be made in order for the bride to perfectly fit with the gown.

Expect women to pick up a lot of designs and consider it all as her favorite but it is important to narrow it down to the one that has a special place in the bride’s heart and it would be easier to pick the best gown with the help of the bride’s friends or female relatives.

The bride should visualize herself and determine what she wants to look like on her wedding day, either to be sexy, conservative, modern, traditional or simple; this would help the couturier to come up with the design and concept.

If the bride wants to set an appointment with the couturier, it is better to schedule it ahead to prevent queuing from the couturier’s other clients.

In the end, it’s the bride that makes the last decision, whatever gown she chooses if it is not that good looking of it may be the most expensive gown out there, it’s her dress, she will be the one wearing it in the most special day of her life.

If you’re planning to hire a reliable and well known couturier, Vincenzo Pintaudi would be the perfect person you. He is Australia’s most popular and highly regarded bridal couturier for having been hired by famous personalities and celebrities in Australia for the past two decades.